About me

I am an HR expert with heart and soul: 15 years of experience in international HR management and over 12 years of experience in HR consulting.

My personal passion is to help individuals and companies make sure that every person is in the right place. I am dedicated to this every day and am happy to be there for you.

Geertje Achterberg-Kremmling



Geertje Achterberg, owner of TalentProfilingSolutions:

I know from experience that very good performance and high motivation are possible when job requirements and working environment match the person's strengths and needs.
In 15 years in international HR management (Germany, USA, Asia) I have always tried to find out in well over 1000 interviews: what does this person really want and can do and will both sides be happy?
For over 12 years I have been advising individuals and companies as an external HR specialist, using the Harrison Online Assessments as a basis."

Why Harrison Online Assessments?

Even as an HR expert, you can't look people in the head. There are issues that are difficult to detect in interviews. And there are strengths and needs that a person is not fully aware of themselves. For a total of 14 years, I have therefore been using the Harrison Online Assessments for the systematic and structured identification of a person's strengths, working methods, motivation and needs. This is an ideal basis for my further consultancy and coaching. I am an accredited consultant and trainer for Harrison Assessments and am also happy to support the implementation for corporate clients."

Curriculum vitae

  • 2011
    Foundation of TalentProfilingSolutions
    HR consulting for companies and individuals, trainings
  • 2008
    Senior Manager International HR projects & Talent Management Group (based in Malaysia and Germany)
  • 2004
    Senior Manager International Assignments Group (in Germany)
  • 2002
    Manager Expatriate Management and HR Business Partner for country heads (in Malaysia)
  • 1995
    HR Business Partner recruitment and personnel development and HR Business Partner for Upper Management (in Germany and work assignments in Venezuela and USA)