Harrison Assessments - Details

It is an online self-assessment taking no more than 30 minutes while providing rather a comprehensive picture. The system is scientifically based and validated. More than 2 million users globally are taking advantage of it. It is available in 25 countries and 20 idioms.

We provide:

  • By means of an elaborate computer technology characteristics and factors are measured, which are relevant to the occupational success of an individual. Any contradictive responses will be detected.
  • By employing an ingenious questioning technique, which does not ask for rating on a scale, Harrison Assessments prevents any tendency of self-overestimation.
  • The result appreciates the candidate without classifying or categorizing her/him.
  • The overall result is composed of a number of partial reports, which may be individually generated, if needed. The following and many more are available: Interview guide, individual development plan, information concerning guidance and commitment of a staff member, balancing with the requirements profile, comparison of profiles of an entire team.
  • Comparison with a requirements profile is feasible, yet not mandatory. In total, more than 300 requirements profiles, checked by experts, are available, which may be adjusted to a company’s special standards.
  • Complementing the evaluation of a candidate’s personal suitability, Harrison Assessments may include her/his occupational qualification, thus effecting an overall assessment of the candidate, based on individual requirements profiles.
  • Exclusive online conduction of recruitment campaigns is feasible. The system will allow evaluation of the candidates according to their personal suitability as well as to their occupational qualification. Consequently, decision makers will deal with outstanding candidates only, thereby saving up to 80% of administrative expenses.

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