Personnel development

Use "profiling" to develop, retain and promote your high potentials

Not every high potential is suitable as a manager - but how to recognize leadership potential? How can you specifically promote employees´ strengths and identify areas of development?

A precise analysis of strengths, work preferences and relevant areas of improvement is an important basis for further decisions and steps.

My services:

  • Comprehensive information on traits, strengths, motivation, work preferences and needs of employees, based on the Harrison Online Assessment Tools (30 minutes for completion).
  • Comparison of the individual job requirements with the profile of the employees to enable specific personnel development and successful internal recruitment.
  • Information about a person´s willingness to lead, what kind of manager this person would be and what leadership potential he or she has.
  • Specific illustration of a person's strengths and deficits with regard to the topics of communication, motivation, decision-making ability, leadership, strategy and organization, among others.
  • Conducting assessment debriefs (face to face and online) for employees and managers.
  • Strengths and needs profiles, which are an ideal basis for open communication during annual appraisals.