Team Analysis

Conflicts in the team, performance problems or dissatisfaction?

It is often helpful to take a closer look at the strengths and characteristics of the individual team members in an overall view.

A comprehensive determination of employee satisfaction with regard to defined topics completes the overall picture and provides the company and the team with opportunities for improvement.

My services:

  • A detailed analysis of the team based on an online assessment (Harrison Assessments)
  • Graphical illustration of the behavioral tendencies of the team members regarding 12 different topics such as: Communication, Innovation, Decision Making, Motivation, Organization, Strategy, etc.
  • Anonymous evaluations for unbiased analysis 
  • A fast and cost-effective option to (anonymously) evaluate the work-satisfaction of the team or entire departments with regard to various topics.
  • A special training on collaboration based on the concept of Radical Collaboration® in order to create a common understanding for the future collaboration (see also section "Teamwork")