Career counseling / coaching

Which job suits me? What are my real strengths? In which areas can I still develop further? What could be the next step in my career?

You often can't answer these questions on your own.
As a human resources expert, I offer my clients a combination of personal consulting and in-depth strengths analysis based on an online assessment. The comprehensive results help to gain clarity and plan the next career step.
Avoid career mistakes and find out what really fits!

Just give me a call and we'll briefly discuss your personal situation.


My services:

  • Professional strengths analysis based on an online test (Harrison Online Assessments).
  • Detailed reports about your personal strengths, characteristics and work preferences as an ideal basis for your next career decision.
  • Identification of potential areas of development: what can you still develop further, what is currently standing in your way?
  • Comparison of your personal strengths profile with more than 650 job profiles.
  • Get your personal "hit list" of suitable jobs and roles and discover: which job suits you to what extend?
  • Comparison of your strengths profile with the job profile of your desired job: Which requirements do you meet and which not?
  • Information on what to look for when changing companies to make sure the change is the right one for you.
  • Personal consultation session (face to face or online) to analyze the results and discuss the next steps.