Career Development

Use "profiling" to develop, retain and promote your high potentials

Not every high potential is suitable as a manager - but how to recognize leadership potential? How can you specifically promote employees´ strengths and identify areas of development?

A precise analysis of strengths, work preferences and relevant areas of improvement is an important basis for further decisions and steps.

My services:

  • Comprehensive information on characteristics and preferences of staff members, by employing Harrison Assessment Tools (30 minutes for completion).
  • We draw comparison between individual job requirements and staff members’ profile in order to permit targeted personnel development and internal staffing.
  • A preferable setting for the conduction of individualized and efficient appraisal interviews: in-depth information with respect to motivation and demands of the employee make an ideal starting point for frank and purposive discussions with staff members.
  • Determination of individual needs for qualification and establishment of personal development plans.
  • Extensive counseling and support including elaboration of specific measures.